how to win the lottery

How To Win The Lottery

The Pick 3 System For Winning Lottery Numbers

Do You Know That 95% Of Players Play The Pick 3 Lottery Wrong?

That's right, most people have no idea how to play Pick 3. In fact, most people use "hunches" "favorite numbers" or "quick picks" which are three terrible methods.

Imagine how getting winning lottery numbers consistently will change and improve your life? Think of what you could do with an extra $100, $500, or $1,000 each week!

We don't want to waste a lot of your time trying to convince you to buy this system. It's simple, it's based on mathematics, and it shows you how to win the lottery!

Stop wasting your lottery dollars and learn how to play to win!

Our Pick 3 Lottery system will show you how to find winning lottery numbers!

learn how to win the lottery

It Works On All Pick 3, Cash 3 And Daily 3 Lotto Games

Read the book, follow the simple instructions and increase your odds to win!

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"Thank you for this and God bless you." - VA winner

learn how to win the lottery

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learn how to win the lottery

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How Does How To Win The Lottery Work?

Lottery systems are all about the numbers. States spend millions and millions of dollars making sure that the lottery results are fair and balanced. This means that if a number is "calculated" to occur 1 draw out of every 10 draws (10% probability), it will.

No state could stay in the lottery business if their results were predictable due to some flaw in the system. Lottery games, drawing balls, and computer systems are checked and rechecked every day to guarantee fair play. We use this fact to your advantage!

If the lotteries are fair and balanced, how can you design a system to win?

We simply use the lottery's published information and look for numbers and patterns that are due and IT WORKS BECAUSE ALL LOTTERIES HAVE TO BALANCE OUT ON AVERAGE. Otherwise, they would be out of business.

How To Win The Lottery: Pick 3 is not a miracle system or a scam, it is just common sense and a little math. Give it a try and increase your chances of winning!

how to win the lottery

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pick 3 winning numbers

Can Math Help You Win The Lottery Guaranteed?

Many lottery players simply pick their favorite numbers, or pick numbers based upon birthdays, anniversaries, street addresses, or phone numbers. Can picking your lottery numbers using math improve your odds of winning?

The answer is a definite YES!

Mathematics and probability theory are the basis of lottery games. That is, to put it simply, math is how lottery games are created and how the lottery commissions develop and structure the payouts for each game.

So, if math is used to create each lottery game, doesn't it seem logical that math should be used to give you an advantage in winning the lottery?

winning the lottery

Winning The Lottery Using Math

Math sounds so complicated, but it is really quite simple. You can be taught a simple set of "rules" that allow you to look at your State's Pick 3 or Cash 3 lottery game and pick numbers that are "overdue" based up your game.

pick 3 winning numbers

A Very Simple Example

To illustrate our point, we'll use the most basic statistics of a Pick 3 game to improve your odds of winning the lottery.

A Pick 3 or Cash 3 lottery game has 1,000 possible numbers that you can choose from ranging from 000 to 999. That means that your odds of winning are 1 out of 1,000 or 0.1% each time you play (1/1000 = .001 = 0.1%). Not very good odds!

Now, what if we told you that we could show you a way of eliminating 917 of the 1,000 numbers over the next 2 drawings by using your lottery's past drawings? What if we recommended that you play 25 picks per game until you win? What would your "odds" change to?

Well, since you're playing 1 ticket out of 83 remaining numbers, your odds of winning are now 1/83 = .012 or 1.2%. However, since you are playing 25 numbers, you're odds per game jump to 25 x 1.2% = 30%!

Now, think about this...

Instead of playing those 25 tickets for each game, if you used our "number selection" method and played all 83 tickets Your odds would increase to = 83/83 = 1.0 = 100% for each game!

learn how to win the lottery

Does That Mean That I'm Guaranteed To Win The Lottery?

No, we're sorry to say that nothing is guaranteed in life, but... If you play numbers which are "due" in the next game and, you don't win, the probability of those numbers coming up only gets higher with the following game and even higher in the game after that, etc.

So, using our example, let's run some numbers of actual costs and profit, assuming that it takes you 3 games to win.

          Cost of playing Game 1      =        -$83
          Cost of playing Game 2      =        -$83
          Cost of playing Game 3      =        -$83
          Straight Win on Game 3  =      +$500 PROFIT!
          Net Winnings After 3 Games = $251!

Also, notice that since you played $249 over 3 days (your costs), you got back all of your costs and made a 100.8% Return On Your Investment (ROI) in just 3 days! This would translate into a yearly ROI of over 10,000%! Compare that to the return that you get from the stock market or a savings account at 3% or 8%!

Is This Winning Lottery System Magic?

No, nothing is magic and nothing is perfect, but this winning lottery system can help you pick your lottery numbers using the same mathematics that your State lottery commission uses!

Our Lottery system will help you find winning lottery results!

learn how to win the lottery

winning lottery numbers

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About The How To Win The Lottery System:
Our pick 3 number system can be used for winning lottery results in FL, TX, NY, CA, VA, GA, IL, MA, OH, MD, OH, OR, PA, RI, ID, ME, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, AZ, IN, TN, MO, WI, SC, LA, KY, CT, OK, AR, KS, NC, MN, CO, AZ, IA, WA, NJ, NH and with most other Pick 3, Cash 3 and Daily 3 lotteries.

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